Property Management Companies

Property management companies need current and reliable individual property information on every property within the markets they serve.’s process of 100% sampling on a monthly basis satisfies this need and provides the information that is essential for management companies to perform everyday projects and tasks, such as:

  • Individual Property and Portfolio Tracking.

    Customize a market survey for one property or a group of properties comparing them with nearby competitive properties whose pricing, policies and occupancy are continually updated.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting.

    Combine historical fundamentals of supply, rent, occupancy and absorption with trend analysis and construction pipeline.

  • Feasibility Analysis for Acquisition and Rehab.

    Identify properties near a potential rehab property that could support the rent increase needed to justify the capital expenditure of the rehab project.

  • Impress Owners, Institutions and Investors with Market Knowledge.

    Efficiently keep up with a metro area’s fundamentals of historical supply, occupancy, rent and absorption by sub market and class.

  • Valuation.

    Analyze rent and occupancy levels to arrive at an income basis for valuations on transactions and taxes.

  • Identify Under-Performing Properties.

    Choose a large group of properties within a sub market to quickly monitor rent and occupancy levels over a period of time. Identify properties that are lagging their peers in rent and occupancy levels for management and acquisition opportunities.

  • Proposed Construction Pro Forma Pricing Analysis.

    Compare the proposed floorplan mix pricing on a property to be built to existing properties.

Standard Reports

Custom Reports and Consultation

Please contact us, If you don’t see what you need. We develop custom reports for many of our customers and would be happy to quote you a custom report or work with you to offer a solution which addresses your needs.