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San Antonio Apartment Association discusses 2022 outlook of housing industry

Bruce McClenny, president of Apartmentdata.com, discussed rent within San Antonio and the absorption, or effectiveness of how occupancy increases, from 2007-21.
“The worst was in 2009, when we had the Great Recession, so rent growth in 2009 was 0.9%,” McClenny said. “But otherwise, you can see that it is kind of in a zone. We had years that it would go up, in ‘11 and ‘15 it would go up to the 4s and the 5 levels, but overall it stays around the 2s and 3s and stays very steady.”

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Rental side of housing market also scorching

According to ApartmentData.com, rents in the Austin metro went up about 25% between December 2020 and December 2021. The median rent for an apartment in Austin hit $1,560 last month, the highest level of all major Texas metros.

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Rents Soared 16 percent in 2021 in Houston

The rental market in Houston appears ready to wrap up 2021 by notching a new record – or something close to it — for rental price growth, says Bruce McClenny, president of the marketing research firm, ApartmentData.com.

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