Owners, Financial Institutions and Brokers

These professionals are highly dependent on keeping up with the most current market trends and conditions for Metro Areas and interpreting how market changes relate to historical and future performance. ApartmentData.com has a macro analytical report called Market TRAC that provides a Metro Area analysis by sub market that tracks historical overall occupancy, rental rate and absorption. In addition, Market TRAC includes a historical Classification and Floorplan type analysis.

For those Owners and Brokers that need to drill down to property-specific information, ApartmentData.com excels in depth of properties covered (Classes A to D) and frequency of update (100% sampling: every property, every month).

  • Impress Clients with Market Knowledge.

    Efficiently keep up with a Metro Area’s fundamentals of historical supply, occupancy, rent and absorption by sub market and class.

  • Valuation Research.

    Analyze rent and occupancy levels to support an income basis for valuations on transactions and taxes.

  • Identify and Justify Value-Add Candidates.

    Easily find and monitor properties that are lagging their peers in occupancy and rent levels. Create market survey reports to demonstrate support for higher rents for capital expenditures.

  • Supplement Investor Packages with Third-Party Reports.

    Add Sub Market Reports, Market Surveys and Property Specific information from an unbiased, well respected third party source.

Standard Reports

Custom Reports and Consultation

Please contact us, If you don’t see what you need. We develop custom reports for many of our customers and would be happy to quote you a custom report or work with you to offer a solution which addresses your needs.