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Leasing Agent Data

Knowing what your tenants really want is important for maintaining high occupancy rates and tenant retention in the competitive marketplace. The right leasing agent data will help your company set the appropriate price points and offer premium amenities for your tenants.


The increasing popularity of live-work-play communities has led to a focus on convenient access to shopping, employment and other amenities that make life easier. Selecting investment properties in communities that have the benefits of urban living is a promising venture for your tenants.


Robust communications infrastructure and smart building capabilities are rising to the top of the list of most-wanted amenities by modern tenants. Property management data suggests that reliable cell phone coverage and internet access are must-have features for younger tenants. Cell phone coverage is usually outside the control of property managers. However, providing access to reliable high-speed internet and incorporating smart home features is a solid investment for future profitability.


Common areas and green spaces can provide your tenants with a way to connect with each other. Creating a sense of community in your commercial properties is a great way to maintain customer loyalty and offer added value for your properties. Sponsoring group events to help your tenants get to know each other will foster a sense of shared community. Group involvement will promote a positive atmosphere in your apartment complexes.


The latest leasing agent data indicates that tenants are increasingly looking for the ability to make changes to their rented properties to suit their personal styles. Offering tenants the ability to choose their own paint colors, upgrade appliances and other adjustments will often increase interest and improve tenant retention rates.

At ApartmentData.com, we offer accurate and actionable leasing agent data for all your current and future property management needs. By working with our team, you can enjoy access to up-to-date multifamily data. We can help you analyze the real estate market to achieve the right price points for your properties. Call us today at 1-800-595-8730 to start your journey to greater profitability in the commercial property leasing marketplace.