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Multifamily data research indicates you should be sharing virtual tours online with prospective tenants.

Multifamily data research shows that virtual tours help you fill your vacancies.  More and more, people are opting to rent apartments when they can virtually tour the apartment, rather than just look at pictures. Multifamily data research also indicates there are many benefits to providing virtual tours for your apartments. These tours show your vacancies as multi-dimensional spaces and help provide information to prospective tenants. Learn more about what multifamily data suggests for virtual tours.

What Does Multifamily Data Research Say About Virtual Tours? Are They Worth It?

Virtual tours help put your vacant apartments in front of more people. In fact, multifamily data research shows that listings with virtual tours get up to 87% more views than those without them. Therefore, renters are looking for listings where they can view a property easily online. In fact, approximately 41% of millennials say that it’s very important to them to see a virtual tour when deciding on which property they want to lease. This multifamily data research suggests that virtual tours are increasingly becoming a large part of the decision-making process.

Virtual tours of your units also offer benefits for both property managers and prospective tenants. For example, interested renters can view your available apartments on their own time from the comfort of their couch. This means you can devote less time to in-person tours and renters can save time by touring apartments that truly suit their needs. Also, multifamily data research on virtual tours shows that they filter out the less interested inquiries. Therefore, you can spend most of your time on serious leads.

Tips for Creating Your Virtual Tour

Now that you know a little bit about why virtual tours are important, you may be wondering how you can get started. There are many ways you can create virtual tours that will attract the right tenants to your property. One of the first things you should do is get a good camera. A low-quality virtual tour won’t give potential renters a very good impression of your property. Also, property management data shows that lighting is important for your virtual tours. You might consider opening the blinds to let the natural light in and achieve great lighting for your virtual tour.

Additionally, ensure that the apartment is clean before creating the virtual tour. Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget some small details that make your property look bad. Make sure you pick up any trash that might be lying around and don’t forget to close the toilet lid for a more attractive and professional apartment virtual tour.

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