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Multifamily data reports can help apartment locators perform their job more efficiently and thereby earn more commissions.

Apartment locators rely on multifamily data to help find prospective tenants their perfect apartment. The market reports you use can make the difference between whether your prospects lease with an apartment you find for them or not. Therefore, you need up-to-date multifamily data. This will help you accurately and quickly find apartments for your prospective tenants and earn more commissions.

Why Multifamily Data is Important for Locators

Multifamily reports help locators determine rental needs in a particular area. They also help you develop strategies to get tenants into apartments that suit their needs and budget. Your leads will expect you to be knowledgeable about many different things. It’s not just the apartment you need to know about, you’ll need information about policies, amenities, and the surrounding area. Multifamily data reports take this information and put it in one easy place for you to learn. Frequently updated reports help you provide the most accurate information to your prospects.

Multifamily Reports Help You Help Your Prospects Better

Also, multifamily data research gives you the information you need to help your leads to the best of your ability. For example, multifamily data reports may include your locator commission, floor plans, photos, and more. Our apartment locator software also allows you to stay up-to-date on your leads and send them e-brochures of different apartments they can peruse. In addition, you can easily sort through the available apartment data using filters based on your prospects’ preferences. For example, you can narrow your apartment search based on the rent prices your leads are looking for. Therefore, multifamily data is an important tool that gives you the ability to do even more for your clients.

Apartment locators may also benefit from advanced multifamily software by keeping track of many different lists and reports unique to them. For example, you can keep track of prospect recommendation lists, prospect registration lists, move in confirmations, placement invoices, and invoice reports. Therefore, choose the multifamily data research professionals who will provide everything you need to perform your job well. 

At ApartmentData.com, we offer accurate and current rental market information for a wide variety of clients. Whether you need locator data, property management data, or marketing for your rental property, our experts can help you find the solutions you need for success. We contact every property in our database monthly to ensure our reports are correct and up-to-date. Call us today at (800) 595-8730 to request a demonstration of our services. We are here to serve you!