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March 16, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Undoubtedly, everyone is aware of the global concern regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Public officials are finally getting a handle on the potential impact this virus may have on everyone’s health and implementing increasingly stringent measures to minimize the impact on the public health system.

I want to inform you about the measures ApartmentData.com is taking to minimize the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the health of our employees and customers, and how we will maintain our service to you.

Currently, no one at ApartmentData.com been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19). Nor is management aware of anyone with the virus. However, this is a quickly changing situation and we believe prudence, prevention, and remaining calm is the best plan. Our top priority is the health of our employees, while ensuring we meet customer needs.

Our employees will use electronic methods to communicate with customers and vendors. This includes phone, e-mail, and video meetings. Services including training and system set ups can all be done electronically. We have implemented additional cleaning protocols, sending anyone home exhibiting related symptoms, and developing protocols for service continuation in the event of a lock down. It is everyone’s responsibility to adopt sanitary practices including social distancing and to follow prescribed methods for hand washing and use of hand sanitizer on a regular basis, and to self-isolate as recommended by public health officials.

Company servers accessed by customers are already in the Cloud, with their inherent uptime, security, and fail over service.  Many internal business functions can also be managed remotely.  Consequently, at this time, we do not expect any interruption in service, especially as market knowledge and maintaining rental traffic will be critical for our customers to manage through this crisis. 

We continue to monitor the situation daily and follow the guidance from the CDC, federal, state, and local authorities. We will provide further updates as needed.

Thank you for your trust in ApartmentData.com. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.


Rudy Mui

Chief Executive Officer



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