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Person looking at leasing agent data reports
Leasing agent data gives you market information you need for success.

When it comes to finding the perfect apartment, recommendations from a leasing agent can be incredibly helpful for prospective tenants. After all, they have access to data that most people don’t. But what data should a leasing agent use to provide the best recommendations? Here’s a look at some of the most important factors to consider for leasing agent data. Having the best data allows you to make better recommendations to improve your close rate.

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Leasing Agent Data Provides Useful Information on Nearby Properties

Leasing agents play an important role in understanding the local real estate market. By leveraging data on nearby properties, leasing agents are able to make sound recommendations about which property their client should lease. This data often includes information about rental prices, leasing restrictions, and living amenities. Furthermore, leasing agents can use this data to compare multiple properties for their clients, allowing them to identify the most cost effective and suitable option. Ultimately, leasing agent data helps them provide informed advice to their clients so they can make the best decisions for their real estate needs.

Filter Through Properties Using Information that Matters to Your Clients

Leasing agents have a complex task of finding multifamily properties that meet the needs and expectations of their renters. To make this job easier, they can rely on multifamily data – such as rent price, year built, number of bedrooms, and other factors – to help them locate appropriate properties that match rental requirements. With access to large amounts of multifamily data, leasing agents can streamline their search process, save time and resources, and ultimately provide suitable living spaces for potential tenants.

Accurate Multifamily Data is Essential for Success

Every leasing agent strives to do their best on the job, whether that’s through making sure units are filled with qualified residents or negotiating leasing agreements for larger deals. Having access to the most accurate leasing agent data can help leasing agents make more informed decisions at each step of the leasing process. This way leasing agents can effectively target potential tenants, choose leasing terms carefully, and quickly respond to changing leasing markets, boosting their close rate and overall success in their role as leasing agents. Gathering information from multiple sources is key to have a holistic and complete overview of market conditions; bring this data into your leasing process and watch your close rate soar!

Top Quality Leasing Agent Data from Apartment Data

Being able to sift through data and find the most accurate information on properties is important for leasing agent. This allows you to give the best possible recommendations to your clients. At Apartment Data, we provide detailed apartment data research that can help leasing agents quickly find the right properties for their clients. Our data sets include rent prices, year built, number of bedrooms, and other factors that are important to renters. Having the most accurate multifamily data helps leasing agents do their job better and have a better close rate. Contact our team to set up a demonstration today.