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Property Management Data

Providing the right amenities for your tenants is essential to your ongoing success in the commercial real estate industry. However, the latest property management data indicates that traditional amenities like swimming pools and workout rooms may be losing favor with tenants. Residents tend to be more interested in a total living experience over a standard list of on-site features. Convenience and community are two of the most popular trends in the current housing market. Here are some future trends to keep an eye on when choosing amenities for your rental properties. 

Expect Luxury Tastes, Middle-Class Incomes

The multifamily data suggests that affordability is a big issue for many middle-class renters. Many of these individuals and families may be looking for Class A rental properties at a bargain price. Adding some of the amenities typically incorporated in more expensive buildings can balance expectations with realities in the housing market. Some of the most popular and cost-effective additions include rooftop decks and terraces for communal use. Updating equipment in gym rooms will also provide potential tenants with added reasons to consider your properties in their search.

Make Room for Rover

Including pet-friendly amenities also attracts families with dogs and cats to your properties. Recent property management data indicates that as many as 90 percent of the tenants in your residential properties may be pet owners. Making accommodations for four-legged friends will often pay off in increased interest among potential clients and an improved reputation for your property.

Customize Technology Options

High-speed internet services and other tech offerings are in high demand throughout the rental housing industry. Touching base with your tenants to determine which options are best suited to their needs can tailor your technological amenities to the needs of your residents. This will also allow you to enjoy the best reputation for responsiveness in the housing market.

Receive Packages for Residents

Creating a system by which packages can be left with property managers or stored in a secure area is an underrated amenity that can make a big impression on your tenants. By acknowledging the increasing popularity of online ordering and delivery services, your multifamily development can make the best impression on tenants.

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